You Have The Physical!

You Have The Mental-Physical!

You Have The Nonphysical Beings!

There is nothing you can’t do, There is no limit you can not go through in life!!!

You can’t be created with these Threefold Beings and you can’t do anything to succeed in life!

Is an error in life!!!

Wasting your Gods given Beings, is the greatest tragedy in life & God will never never forgive you!

So make a decision to change and discover yourself and your threefold being!!!

Live out your dreams!!!

Live out so potentials!!!


“Motivational Compilation”

*For You to reach the level of success, you got to brainwash yourself.

*The world is trying to brainwash you with there plans and pinning you down, don’t ahead to it.

*To successful brainwash yourself, you got to know the role of the your subconscious mind.

*You attract what you see in your subconscious mind.

*Begin to visualize yourself being where you want to be.

*Your believing system has a way of brainwashing you…

*I’m ShalomSamtalks

Live out your dream

Live out your potentials…

Motivational Compilation….

In life you need to play a fool, for you to be able to fool the fool, that thinks he is fooling you!

In these planet, if you want to succeed, go into your room build you dreams there.

Yea people will think you are mad or a fool, Continue doing what you are doing because you’re playing the role of fool for the main time, but in your mind you know you’re not a fool!

Those who laugh at you now! They don’t know that they are the fool , that will remain a fool for ever & in the future!

#keep to your dream, vision, goals & potential and you will be the winner and not a fool!

I’m ShalomSamtalks

Live out your dream

Live out your potential…

Your Attitude Not Your Aptitude Will Determine Your Altitude!

The Book of Life

If my young son refused to jump into my arms in the pool then he is showing me that he doesn’t trust me. Obviously that would not please me because he was afraid and that fear would freeze him from acting. The same principle applies to God. If we don’t trust Him we cannot please Him.